Apple Unveils Faster iPod Touch with Streaming Support in Mind

Apple Unveils Faster iPod Touch with Streaming Support in Mind

CRB Tech Reviews that Apple is upgrading its iPod Touch mp3 player for initially in nearly three years, as the company looks for to make music a central part of its devices once again.

The new Touch has a quicker processor and better digital cameras. It also has a software upgrade that enables Apple Music, a $10-a-month service that offers endless play-back of an incredible number of music. Apple Music released June 30 as music lovers progressively accept subscribers over pay-per-song services such as Apple’s industry-leading iTunes.

The move comes as iPod’s popularity has decreased.

ipod Touch

The iPod was Apple’s first successful venture beyond personal computer, and it introduced the way for Apple to launch the iPhone six years later, in 2007. Although music players persisted before, the iPod was the first to make simpler syncing with digital music selections on personal computer.

In the past few years, though, many people use mobile phones instead to pay attention to music. The before Apple provided numbers for iPod sales, for the July-September quarter last year, Apple marketed 2.6 thousand iPods, a 24 percent decrease from the season before and a portion of the 39 thousand iPhones marketed that one fourth. As demand has bogged down, so have Apple’s up-dates to the iPod: Apple no longer up-dates its iPods yearly like it usually does with its top suppliers.

Among the improvements:

— The processor now suits that in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus from last fall, rather than one from the iPhone 4s this year. Apple says the new processor is six periods faster for general projects and 10 periods faster for design.

— The back camera can take clearer images, at 8 mega pixels. That suits latest iPhones and surpasses the 5 mega pixels in the past Touch. The back and front digital cameras can now take 10 images per second and slow-motion movie at 120 supports per second.

The colors are gold, grayish and gold, related Apple’s other products, plus light red, blue and red. Apple is presenting a new design with 128 GB for $399. The base design has 16 GB, enough for thousands of music, though the iPod Touch is intended to hold images, movie and applications, too.

The $49 iPod Shuffle and the $149 Nano are getting the same colors, but what’s inside isn’t changing reviews CRB Tech. Neither design can run Apple Music or the various iPhone applications.


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