Silly Mistakes in the Baahubali Movie You Never Noticed

Silly Mistakes in the Baahubali Movie You Never Noticed

Everybody knows including CRB Tech reviews that Baahubali is one of the biggest hit movie in the Indian history. Rajamouli is one of the excellent movie director of Indian cinema. His past films were very well directed and provided him with great achievements. He is known to use technology very well. In Baahubali however he made some silly mistakes even a common man can point out. Here are 7 silly mistakes we found in the Baahubali movie.

7 Silly Mistakes in the Baahubali Movie You Never Noticed

  1. When the golden statue of Bhallala Deva was being constructed, an old man is shown losing the control of the rope. Shiva saves the man just in time and also gets the control of the rope. However even after this the rope is shown to be slackened instead of being tight.
  2. The story of Baahubali is narrated to Shiva by Katappa. This means that he’ll be able to tell only of the incidents that had taken place in his presence or of the incident he had been informed about. However when Bhallala decides to leave the rope and let Baahubali die, there is no one present over there and it is senseless to think that Bhallala will tell anyone about this incident. Then how come Katappa knows this?
  3. The outfit of Bhalladeva and Baahubali were different during and after the Manohari song which many of you may not have noticed.
  4. When Saketa gets to the edge of the hill where he has no where to run, there are no stones or mountains nearby and the hill is shown to be bare of any rocks. However just when Baahubali and Bhallaladeva arrive and Baahubali gives the rope to Bhallaladeva, a rock appears out of no where to which the rope gets trapped.
  5. When Anushka and Prabhas run away they could have simply closed the only door used for entry and ecit to the palace instead of blocking their ways wid burning grass bundles.
  6. During the War Sivagami, Bijjala Deva etc will be watching the war and react to each and every occurrence of it. This seems almost impossible as the war is taking place in atleast 10’s of acres of battle field and it becomes difficult to recognize who’s doing what.
  7. At the end of Pacha Bottesi song a ribbon knot magically appears on Avanthika’s dress which was not there before at the beginning of the song.

Please feel free to list down anymore mistakes of Bahubali on CRB Tech reviews and we’ll add them to the list.



  1. 2 and 5 are very serious..I thought about 5 while watching movie.Then I thought hey this is Indian movie.Anything is possible


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