Extensive Training that Prabhas and Rana underwent for Baahubali

In Feb 2011 when SS Rajamouli announced that his next film will star actor Prabhas no one knew that it will be one of the greatest hit in Indian history.

It was mentioned that initiatives were taken to keep the recording free of anachronistic appears to be of modern machinery. For the film Prabhas, Rana and Anushka practiced sword fighting while Rana and Prabhas had to learn horse riding.

Since they had to look extremely attractive in the film, both stars were needed to put on more muscles. This called for an extensive exercise for both Prabhas and Rana. Prabhas began his health and fitness training for Bahubali almost eight months prior the shooting began. Rana too followed an intense exercise program. He’d hit the gym twice a day doing aerobic in the morning hours and loads in the evening. Their instructor is totally against the use of steroid drugs and trusted natural methods instead to help them bulk up. The leading of the film, Tamannaah was also needed to shed bodyweight.

It’s not easy to put on bodyweight and to also keep your muscle tissue perfectly shaped unless a health and fitness professional carefully watches the whole procedure.

Prabhas and Rana got health and fitness coach Lakshman Reddy to work with them. Lakshman Reddy is the champion of the Mr World 2010 body building tournament organized in Las Vegas (USA) and has won 13 titles in India and overseas.

Putting on bodyweight while keeping muscular mass unchanged needs a lot of time. Lakshman Reddy kept an eye on their diet and health very carefully.

“It has been two years now and Prabhas’ actual bodyweight is 100 kg now,” he added.

“Their eating habits contains six to eight foods – all non-vegetarian. No grain was given at all. Meals were consumed every two hours. The total nutrient consumption would range between 2000 to 4000 calorie consumption a day,” he says.

Prabhas has two avatars in the film where one is lean and the other a bulky and heavy one.


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