8 funny replies for true proposals

8 funny replies for true proposals

Love is a divine feeling and it can live only with commitment if not dont go for it but still if you dont want to go for it dont give such hilarious replies to the proposals.

  1. This kind of a reply will make you feel as if the person whom you love is just considering you “as a use and throw
    1. I dont know what kind of a relationship that the replier means over here. That person says he/she is in love and you’ re my best friend, sounds illogical

3) Now what kind of reply is that if a person says I love you and if you dont have feelings you can atleast respect it rather than insulting it.

  1. Ohh please stop that non-sense! The proposer proposes you and you compare it with a love for chocolate!

5) Wait! I couldnt understand your reply, what do you mean? Do you love the proposer back or do you want to say just keep thinking about it you wont get anything, please be straight forward.

6) Ohhh Really! I didnt know that, Thanks for your concern

7) A person who loves you has the choice to decide whether you deserve the proposer or not

8) Knowing all doesnt matter, A genuine reply matters



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