Top 6 Controversies of Preity Zinta

Top 6 Controversies of Preity Zinta

This one time sought after actress of Bollywood, hasn’t escaped controversies related to her link ups, even when she was at the prime of her career. Here is a look at some of them: Link up with Lars Kjeldsen Her alleged link up with Lars Kjeldsen, an actor known for acting in Rang Rasiya is quite well known. However, the once viral news did not last too long and was a sigh of relief for the actress.

Ness Wadia Controversy Preity Zinta was in a relationship with this business tycoon. Both of them even got married. However, the marriage did not last long before the actress claimed that he physically abused her on many occasions, after which both of them got separated. Preity – Yuvi Link up Both of them associated with the same IPL team, faced a link up controversy. Yuvraj bore the brunt of the hoax and had to clear it in front of the media. Association with Shekhar Kapoor At one time in her career, she was even linked with the renowned director Shekhar Kapoor. This turned out to be false news. Only god knows if it really existed. Maggi Controversy Recently Maggi was banned. In what can be termed as the after effect of this, some celebrities that endorsed this brand also came under severe criticism. One of them was Preity Zinta. Bad luck one must say. Models are attractive as well The actress is known to have dated famous model Marc Robinson as well. But it did not last too long.


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