10 Divas Of WWE Whose Salaries can Leave You Speechless!!!

WWE matches also have some very talented in-ring lady wrestlers. Few on occasions are also better than the other male contests. Few are known as a sex symbol. These ‘Divas’ have exposed themselves to enjoy commercial success and make a ton of money!

Do you want to know the richest diva of WWE? Check the list below:

10. Sable: $1.5 Million


9. Nikki Bella: $1.5 Million


8. Brie Bella: $1.7 MillionSOURCE

7. Natalya: $2.2 MillionSOURCE

6. AJ Lee: $2.3 Millionawesome

5. Lita: $2.5 MillionSOURCE

4. Trish Stratus: $3 MillionSOURCE

3. Mickie James: $4 MillionSOURCE

2. Stacy Keibler: $4.5 MillionSOURCE

1. Torrie Wilson: $18 Million



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