6 Facts You Must Think About Before Judging Poonam Pandey’s Yoga Video

as we all know, was celebrated as International Yoga Day. Poonam Pandey is definitely one of those celebs who loves to be in the limelight. Whether it’s the declaration of stripping down with India’s victory or this outrageous and too sensual a yoga video, she enjoys it all, and yes, a lot of people too.


Could you see any amount of seriousness on her face while she was explaning about the beautiful asanas she posed? No, right? That’s because maybe she did not even want you guys to take it seriously.'Ass..ana'

2. Self-Obsession

More than learning yoga (like it really happened) in the video, you can learn how you can be obsessed about certain parts of your body.

3.Had a good laugh?

Maybe that’s what it was all about. Stay prepared for some new ‘Doggy-style’ things on some future international day. Till then, enjoy this.


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