Cricket Match turned into a Boxing match

The day when gentlemen game was tarnished because of an ugly cricket fight. Bermuda cricketer Jason Anderson has been given a life ban for his role where an ugly brawl during a match in the tiny island nation 10 days ago. The incident took place when a club cricket match in Bermuda when two players got physically involved in a scuffle.

Anderson was additionally hit with further bans from Cleveland.”Cleveland County Cricket Club might want to report that as an occurrence’s consequence at the late Champion of Champions last, Mr Jason Anderson is therefore banned from speaking to the club in every activities of the club forever,” president Smith said.

“We ask Mr Anderson to look for help for his anger issues and the club is willing to help him with these issues, in the event that he is willing.”

This isn’t the first time though that Cleveland has been in boiling point on the field, with skipper Douglas frightful that he will affect the group’s outcome.

“I’m the captain and everything falls back on me. I’m simply off a suspension for the same thing, however I’m trusting they’ll be merciful on me in this specific occurrence in light of the fact that they saw me attempt to stop it,” he told The Royal Gazette. The episode got under the skin of individuals from Bermuda’s parliament, with Shadow Sports Minister Michael Weeks hammering the players included in the brawl .

“What was supposed to be a family and group occasion, has rather been defaced by a repulsive occurrence of roughness, rebellion and unsportsmanlike behavior,” Weeks said.

Even the cricket arena was quiet shaken by such instances. Where players where seen becoming physical with each other.


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