Sensational News! Man’s Murder Caught on Camera During Ganpati Visarjan

The Ganesh immersion procession in Gulbarga district of Bangalore turned out to be an ugly one as it saw a murder of a person in front of the camera.

The name of the deceased person is Mallikarjun and he used to work in a private firm. When the local police took out his body from the water; at first they thought that he had drowned during the immersion procession.

But when a video footage taken from a mobile came forward, it showed how a group of 3 to 4 men targeted him and drowned him to kill him during the Ganesh immersion procession. In the video it could be clearly seen that thousands of people were present on the site of the murder; but they couldn’t make out as to what was actually happening.The police have lodged an FIR against unknown people for the murder of Mallikarjun and they are investigating into the matter. The motive behind the murder is still not clear is what the police have to say.

The murder is similar to the one shown in the film “Agneepath” only the difference being that in Agneepath the guy was killed using a gun and here he was drowned to death. The common factor was that both the murders occurred during the Ganesh immersion procession. One is in real life while the other was a reel one.Now do these culprits get an idea from the filmi world one really wonders after seeing such incidences.


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