Haj stampede : 18 Indians killed !

The mortality cost of Indian pilgrims has increased to 18 in the grisly stampede at the Haj which has so far stated the lifestyles of 717 individuals, the most severe disaster to hit the yearly pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in 25 years.

“18 Indian Hajis are now verified deceased,” Representative in the Secretary of state for Exterior Matters Vikas Swarup said last night.

Of the 18 Indian sufferers, nine verified from Gujarat, three from Tamil Nadu and one each from Telangana and Kerala. Four others are yet to be recognized.

At least 13 Indians were also among the 800 individuals harmed in the disaster.

As Islamic pilgrims somberly started again the ultimate rituals of Haj last night, Saudi Arabia’s king Salman has requested a protection evaluation and a “revision” of the Haj company.Leading the critique against Saudi Arabic, its local competing Iran indicated indignation at the fatalities of 131 of its people at the world’s biggest yearly collecting of individuals and indicating Riyadh was not capable of handling the occasion.Of the four deceased, two are from Gujarat and one each from Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

The two pilgrims who were from Gujarat are — Hafijabahen Satarsha Diwan and Syed Abdul Hussain. The pilgrim from Jharkhand was Rasul Ali, and from Uttar Pradesh, Moinuddin.


According to the record of 14 deceased declared on Saturday, nine of the sufferers were from Gujarat, while two each belonged to Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu and one was from Maharashtra.At least 717 individuals got killed and over 860 others harmed when a stampede happened on Thursday when Haj pilgrims jostled their way to execute representational stoning of the demon in Mina at theholu Mecca, tagging the end result of the yearly pilgrimage.

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