OMG! 5 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen to You in Class

We all have had uncomfortable minutes in our lifestyles. Most of the time, these circumstances happen around unknown people and can be quickly neglected. However, when fortune is not on your part, you might end up red experienced at the front side of your buddies. Some of them may have occurred at home or out on the roads but the most severe ones are always arranged for the class room. These minutes type a fundamental element of our higher education experiences, whether we like them or not.

1) Confidently answering the question wrongly

Sometimes you have been asked a question by the teacher and you answer it wrongly but with full of confidence and then the teacher taunts you about your wrong perception.

2) Wardrobe Malfunction

It is not only with the actress and one of those that you find on TV but it can also appear in real life and what if it happens in classrooms while doing presentations or while attending birthday parties such things can happen like the slip of your button or a small tear of your shirt or pant.

3) Passing chits and getting caught

During examination if you are passing your exam chits to your neighboring friend and will get caught by the teacher and get sued by them.

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4) A loud Fart

After a having your meal that will probe your gas and you are unable to control it and you burst it out and what is embarrassing is if the fart is stinky and everybody comes to know that it is you.

5) Sleep and get caught

In the middle of the lecture you just sleep and get caught by the lecture and he or she gives you a nasty punishment in front of the class



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