Wild Animal gets it’s head stuck while looking for water

Recently a disturbing footage were a panther was seen having his head stuck in Vessel. The Panther has wriggled out in pain and tried to free itself from it but totally in pain. This resulted in villagers gathering in huge number to see the Panther. After about five hour of painful struggle the local villagers then called the forest officials.

District Forest Officer Kapil Chandrawal told after reaching the spot that ‘The sub-adult panther who might be aged for about 3 years, has got his head stuck while he was searching for water’After reaching the spot the officials along with some veterans the place and shifted him to an enclosure where the animal was tranquilized and his head was freed from the vessel. After that leopard it fully recovers, he will be set free in a dense forest area.

Mr Chandrawal said the animal had probably strayed from a sanctuary area some 20km from the village. The area in Rajasthan which is facing the shortage of water recently when the area has been under lot water shortage region.


Recently the government is trying to build a fence around the sanctuary to avoid the animals from jumping or crossing the village. This recent incident has set the wild life team in motion which is looking for tug of war between people and animals. This has even caused the villagers question their safety with regards, as this recent panther coming so deep in their village. But water well’s needs to be build in Forest to save animals.


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