Morning Routines of Guys VS Girls !!

Guys and Girls are different, they do everything differently even their morning routine differs from each other. Where girls take extra care of how they are looking after they are done with their morning routine, guys on the other hand put less or zero efforts to groom themselves.

Right from waking up due to the alarm to turning off the alarm clock, girls and guys do it in their own way. Then the bathroom rule, where girls will first take a shower which will include face wash, body wash, hair wash, hair conditioning, playing with wet hair along with singing a song, shaving her legs. While the girls are busy grooming themselves the boys will simply apply shampoo on their scalp, trim their facial hair and they are ready to go.

Girls Vs Guys

While the routine cannot be explained we have got a video which will show what exactly do they guys and girls do. Sit back and enjoy the video.


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