Girl Goes Topless on Street ! Check out the Shocking Video

There is a shocking video of a girl doing the rounds of the internet who bared it all and went on to the Delhi streets in order to pass a message loud and clear. Yes, she dropped her clothes and wore only a nightdress and later opened it for the people to see what she was trying to say.

In the video the girl can be seen being stared upon all the people she passes one of them even passed obscenities directed towards her but her stand did not deter. People are seen to be shocked with her behavior and her choice of spreading awareness about Breast Cancer.

Topless Girl

As the month of October is known as the breast cancer awareness month, this girl tried showcasing the need of spreading the awareness in a very unique way. However it is not what it looks like but as the saying goes, ‘curiosity kills the cat’, there is a twist in the end of the video and we are not about to reveal it and spoil the cause of the young girl.

Check it out yourself and try spreading the awareness but it need not be in the similar way. Watch the video.


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