OMG!Wardrobe Malfunctions of Yaariyan Actress Rakul Preet Singh.

Wardrobe Malfunctions of Yaariyan Actress Rakul Preet Singh

Bollywood actresses and their wardrobe malfunctions are something that we pray never happens to anyone. If a wardrobe malfunction occurs for an actress the incident is enough to haunt her for life, what with so many cameras taking in their picture.


South Indian cinema’s sex siren Rakul Preet Singh, who had made an impressive debut with the film Yaariyan has seen one too many wardrobe malfunctions happen. She suffered a wardrobe malfunction where at an event she flashed her pink underwear. She has joined many other celebs who suffered from wardrobe malfunction while unintentionally flashing their underwear in public. In her debut film entry to Bollywood she set the silver screen on fire with hot smooching and kissing scenes with actor Himanshu.

aRakul is always in the news for suffering from one wardrobe malfunctions to another. There are quite few pictures of the actress where she has suffered the same humiliation in front of the camera. Look at the pictures if you don’t believe us.


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