OMG! What Happens When a Boy Enters a Room Where Girls are Changing? Amazing Video!

Have you ever had an experience of entering a room where girls were changing clothes? Imagine yourself in such a situation. It would either be embarrassing or pass you out.

The guys at this particular store decided to play a prank with one of their male customers. This guy had come for shopping and decided to try the clothes he was about to purchase. The sales woman led him to the changing room.

As soon as he entered the room and closed the door the pranksters made such an arrangement so that when the guy is done with his changing and opens the door he would enter into the ladies changing room. They also planted some girls in towel.

Girl Changing Room Image

After the poor chap opened the door, what he saw in front was four to five girls in towel and he was simply shocked. His expression was worth capturing after the girls put out a fake scream and the prank was thus successful. He immediately closed the door of the changing room.

Now the guys outside rearranged the setup as original and waited for the guy to come out. After he came out he found everything to be fine. There was confusion written all over his face. This moment was a totally LOL one and we promise you that you will also be in splits after watching this video.

We also advice you to be careful when you enter any changing room as you would be in for a surprise, just like this guy!


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