OMG! 5 Most sensual Nude scenes in Bollywood

Bollywood actress have always made bold choices when they wanted to attain fame. Where they have exposed to an extreme to do attain stardom. For more such reviews check out

If you think that this Bollywood actress can’t do better than Hollywood ones you better have a second though about it after seeing this video.

1. Neha Dhupia in ‘Julie’

Neha lying on bed with just a piece of cloth covering her body. With something written on her body but the poster did awake lot of people from their long sleep.

Neha Dhupia image

2. Deepa Sahi in ‘Maya Memsaab’

The hot love making scene between Deepa Sahi and SRK made lot of people run out of their house to watch the movie. The love making scene made lot news in that Era.

Deepa Sahi Image

3. Udita Goswami in ‘Zeher’ (2005)

Emraan Hashmi who was seduced by super hot Udita Goswami in the movie made lot of news for the movie. The movie also had lot love making scenes.

Udita Goswami Image

  1. Anu Agarwal in ‘The Cloud Door’The Anu Agarwal scene from The Cloud Door made everyone look for censor board. This would go on to become as one of the most explicit love making scenes ever.Anu Agarwal Image
  2. Mandakini in ‘Ram Teri Ganga MailiYou think Bollywood actresses in modern times are bold? Mandakini however did this unthinkable 30 years ago by going totally wet under water fall exposing her upper body.Hope you do enjoy the blog and keep visiting us further blogs in future.Mandakini Image

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  1. […] The word has been always redefined by the way it acts and the way it has made certain things. This things which has been totally done is the romance between the two people to the beautiful bed scenes in the movie where we totally see the meaning of romance when we see an amazing. Her are some of the biggest hot scene in the Bollywood which makes it quite famous for our Bollywood actress. This will be quite an been news when we see an Bollywood. This we will be seen as one of the Biggest trends when we see best scenes in Bollywood. […]


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