OMG! Watch How this Girl Earns 10,000 in Just 2 Hrs

A video showing a social experiment being carried out to test the mindset of people.

Girl Earning Money

This is kind of an experiment that was carried out in order to test the social mindset at large. The results of which were kind of shocking and surprising.

In this video you can see a small boy begging for money from people in the market. He even touches their feet for the same. But no one gives him money or very few people offer him help. The final result, he is able to collect a few coins.

After sometime a young beautiful girl sets out carrying a fake charity box which says “Donation for blind children” in the market. Guess what must have happened? She is able to collect a lot of money in just about an hour. May be 10,000 is what she is able to collect. Everyone donates with a free hand when she asks for help just once. Such is the irony in our society.

The saying “Jo dikhta hain wohi bikta hain” holds true and true emotions don’t have any value. This is the harsh reality of our society.


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