OMG !! Hybrid Man found in China

We all have seen some creepy things in this world but what happens when you come face to face with it. We are more amazed to see it in front of us, where we can feel the real feeling of being an eyewitness to this creepy creature. This video of Hybrid Man where we can see a man who is half animal and half human is really amazing to see.

Hybrid Man

This video made by Epic Wild life where they found this epic man in remote village of China. The mother says she was abducted by Yeren which is Chinese version of Bigfoot. The abducted mother was then repeatedly raped by the bigfoot. Well the story is quite old and their was no clear cut medical facility to determine it. So when the lady escaped from the jungle after nine months she became pregnant. After giving birth to this normal looking boy initially everything started to change as he grew up.

However the boy seemed to have a very little body hair when compared to big foot. The boy then grew up to be really big. However the boy never learned to speak but the boy did have the modern understanding of what really the other people were trying to say. The boy lived for just 33 years. He was mostly kept hidden in small village where not much is know about him. We all hope to find the proper explanation to this fact as why the man grew so large and wasn’t able to learn any language.


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