Shocking! Gigantic Anaconda Once Lived on Earth, Check Out Video

A video showing how the largest and the deadliest snake that once inhibited the planet must have looked like.


All of us know that millions of years ago, gigantic creatures called dinosaurs lived on this very planet. They could not evolve and adapt with time which led to their extinction. Crocodiles are said to be their present day forms.

However, one more huge reptile lived on the earth during that time. It was basically a form of python called as ‘Titanoboa’. It was simply unimaginable in size as is evident from this video. Researchers and scientists have predicted that it lived some 60 million years ago.

Anaconda’s can be called as their modern day forms. They are the largest reptiles on the planet at present. They can grow up to 20 feet in length with a huge diameter. Had the Titanoboa existed today , it would have created havoc spreading fear everywhere. People would get scared at just the site of it. Same would be the case with the marine animals.

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