WTF! Tamannah Almost has an OOPS Moment with Her Dress

Watch out this video which shows actress Tamannah adjusting her dress in full public eye.

We present before you a shocking video that shows how Tamannah Bhatia almost had an OOPS moment with her dress. Hadn’t it been for the run time adjustment, she would have definitely faced an embarrassing moment.

tamanna bhatiya image

Tamannah Bhatia is seen attending an event. She is wearing an off shoulder dress which is violet in colour. She was carrying it pretty well until one moment when she felt that the dress would drop down. Therefore, she quickly puts her hand in and pulls up the dress in front of the public. One can clearly see her action in this video.

Tamannah was looking super hot in the dress. Also seen carrying a clutch in her hand. As far as her hairdo is concerned it looks as if she has tied the locks up casually. But it is going well with the dress of hers.


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