WTF! Watch Out Dead Prank Played on Girlfriend

A prank video in which a dead man prank is played by a guy on his girlfriend.

A one more hilarious video in the prank series. Here a guy plays a dead man prank on his girlfriend and scares the hell out of her. Let’s check out how he does it.

They say that everything is fair in love and war. So this is a love thing and the guy plans to play a prank with his girlfriend. So he buys food colour and a sugar syrup to perform the act.

Dead prank Image

He takes the syrup into a glass and adds some food colour into it. Then he just stirs the mixture to make it look like blood. Obviously his girlfriend is not around while he is doing this. Now the second steps.

The guy takes the blood like mixture and spreads it on to the floor of the hall using a spoon. This is to pretend that he is lying in a pool of blood. He applies some on to the forehead as well. The guy asks his girl friend to text him when she is coming. She does so but he does not give a reply.

Now it is the final step of the prank. He quietly lies down on the floor besides the spread blood like mixture. She enters the room by opening the door with a key. She is shocked by the sight she sees in front of her. Tries to wake him up and starts crying. Frightened she runs away into the corridor.

The prankster guy follows her and tells her that it was a joke. The girl obviously slaps him and exclaims that she almost had a heart attack!

LOL! guys the prank was successful.

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