LOL! Check Out These Funny Girl Poses.

A video compilation of Indian girls in extremely funny and hilarious positions that everyone should watch.

This video is nothing but a compilation of photos of girls in simply hilarious poses. Quite a few of these snaps will make you laugh out loud.

Take e.g. the first snap where a trouser is having tail lamps and a car’s logo on its rear portion. A girl is captured smooching a donkey. Now the question that arises after watching such a picture is, have all the men died that you chose a donkey?

Funny Girl Image

A girl is sucking cow’s milk. The best one is the one in which few men are peeing as a girl looks on with curiosity. A girl ironing other girls hair is also very funny to see. Girls standing in the position that boys use for peeing with the tag line “why should boys have all the fun” simply makes you laugh from the stomach. Snap of Shilpa Shetty being kissed by a priest in the temple also stands a place in the collection.

These pictures are from day to day occurrences that we experience around us. The result of good observation.

The expressions in the snaps are also worth seeing and speak a thousand words for themselves. Normally we think that only guys are expert in achieving such funny feats. But after seeing this video you can say that girls are in no way behind. In fact they are a step ahead.


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