Shocking!!Two Guys Force A College Girl For Romance, Video Goes Viral!

Rape cases in India have become a grave issue for the government as well as for the citizens, especially women, of the country.

Ever since the Nirbhaya rape case there are many laws made for the protection of women and to punish the culprits who are found guilty of committing the heinous crime, but some people still feel free for sexually exploiting a woman.

Girl Image

We have found a video on the internet where two college going guys abduct a girl and try to force themselves on her. The video shows how the guys spot the girl walking alone and start following her. The girl on sensing that she is being followed starts running but the guys don’t stop there or leave her alone. They too start running behind her.

They, at last, catch hold of the girl and try to stop her from shouting and screaming by placing their hand on her mouth. They then take her to an isolated place where she is forced to lie down and the two guys try to sexually harass her. The girl tries to fight them off but the boys do not budge.

This video is captured live on a camera and has been shared online. If this is the condition of the women in India how will they ever feel safe in the world.

What happens at the end is truly inspiring and everybody should do the same if they come across a similar situation or when they see someone else going through the similar situation. Watch the video till the end to know what happened to the two boys and how the girl got saved.



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