Hilarious Video of Awkward Situations in a Train

There are many movies where a train journey is an important part of the whole film. They are all sweet and make everybody dream of that perfect train journey where they can also find their love.

We have come across a funny video which will show you some awkward situations that a guy intentionally creates just for a little fun. The video will make you fall off your chair while laughing so hard.

The video starts with all the passengers waiting for the train to arrive at the platform and this guy comes out of the waiting room in just a towel while brushing his teeth. Awkward, isn’t it? There are many other self created situations where the guy turns out a ticket checker and asks people to show him their tickets. Some follow as he says while a man argues with him to show his identity card.

Awkward Moments

There are many funny moments like the guy sings a song for a woman and is applauded for the same. In a boost to his confidence this guy randomly kisses a girl in the train while conversing with her. The best part is when the girl kisses him back. The girl is obviously shocked but makes a very weak attempt to push him back but never stops kissing him back at the same time.

His level of confidence is really high and those who are not confident enough should surely watch this video. You will absolutely like the things the guy does to random people without a fear of being ashamed or slammed.

Watch the whole video and enjoy!


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