OMG! Indigo Snake Eats Rat Snake — Snake vs Snake

The eastern indigo snake is a types of extensive nonvenomous colubrid snake local toward the Eastern United States..

Eastern indigo snakes continuous flatwoods, lofts, dry dells, stream bottoms, stick fields, riparian shrubberies, and high ground with very much depleted, sandy soils. Rodent snakes represent no risk to people. Rodent snakes were long thought to be totally nonvenomous, however late studies have demonstrated that some Old World species have little measures of venom and that is so little as to be irrelevant to people.

Snake Vs Snake Image

Here is the video of a Indigo Snake and Rat Snake which are both looking to dominate that area. The yellow rat snake which is nicely smelling it’s air around the region looks pretty confident of no dominance. But suddenly a Indigo snake enters the scene as it enter it looks to take forward the command. Rat snake which was looking to flee the scene was really amazing in it’s variety. But the Indigo snake which is bigger in size and looks to dominate the rat snake has no idea of leaving this easy prey on the ground. The total attack mode of Indigo snake looks to make the rat snake pretty nervous. What happens to look after that was more amazing.

As the indigo snake looks to eat out the rat snake the things get pretty messy with the fight between them turn out to be ugly. The Black snake looks to eat out the yellow snake slowly and steadily looking to kill it fully. Where both are native Americans this video tells a lot about them.


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