Fan Teaser Review: SRK’s Young Avatar As Gaurav Will Surprise You

Shah Rukh Khan’s much talked about film, Fan, in which the actor plays a double role, is once again grabbing attention because of its second teaser.

The second teaser of the film was released on 2nd November which also happened to be SRK’s 50th birthday.

A lot of people upon hearing the plot of the movie thought that it has nothing new to offer but later changed their minds when they watched the latest teaser of the film. The first half of the teaser is the narration of SRK as Gaurav of how he thinks that Aryan Khanna, again played by the superstar, is nothing less than his God.

Fan Image

The teaser shows the true fandom where little Gaurav fights the bullies in his school who talk rubbish about his Aryan Khanna. There is one scene where Gaurav takes out the poster of SRK as Aryan Khanna which is beneath the poster of Aamir Khan. This is one of the brave scenes in the movie. In the teaser the way the actor has picked up the Delhi accent just perfectly is brilliant.

Towards the end of the teaser we get a glimpse of Gaurav and we are left completely surprised by his looks. The young avatar of Shah Rukh Khan is so brilliant that though you will recognize him but you will still be left in complete awe. The make up department of the film have done a wonderful job of making the actor look so young and refreshing.

The film is directed by Maneesh Sharma and will hit the theaters on 15th April 2016. Till then watch the teaser because we assure you that it is a complete treat for all the SRK fans.


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