5 Reasons Why You Must Go for the First College Trip.

A college trip and that too the first one, is one event in college you should not miss at any cost.

There are many things in life that you should not miss. One of them is the first college trip. You are just out of the school and entered the so called free college life. Therefore, this is a definitely do not miss opportunity for you where you can enjoy to the fullest. Here are some reasons why one should not miss the first college outing:

  1. Gossips Galore:

If you miss the first outing with your college pals, then you are definitely going to miss gossips related to who likes whom and other link ups going on in your class. The outing is the most likely place for such discussions.

Fresh Gossip Image

  1. Getting Up Close and Personal:

A college trip lands you the best chance to get mushy mushy with the ‘one’ you are after, since the first day of the college. The outing will give you quite a few opportunities for this. Be brave and go ahead!

close and personal

  1. Now, School is Over:

School trips are fun but in a restrictive manner. In college however, you can break free and enjoy to the fullest that too, responsibly. As you are an adult now.

School over Image

  1. Bonding with Seniors:

It is always better to be in touch with your seniors. It proves to be beneficial from the study point of view as well as other things. Normally it feels awkward to communicate with the seniors. But around a fire place, is a great place to do so.

 Bonding With Seniors

  1. Memories:

Who doesn’t like to have sweet memories? That too from the college days. A college trip will prove to be a great place to create some memories that will last for a lifetime. A few clicks with your pals will do the trick. What say?

College Memories Image


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