Sunny Leone Vs Zarine Khan:This December Hotness Redefined

he actress has been one big Fuss when it comes to amazing scenes or even some amazing looks she has got. She has been the hotness quotient being raised in Bollywood.

Hate Story 3 ImageSunny Leone from being Porn Star and then entering India through Bigg Boss and now the best has happened. The actress has now got some competition but it not from anyone coming from outside but from someone who is inside. The actress famous due to his bold moves and amazing features has been in threat from some other actress in Bollywood.

Sunny Leone’s most awaited release ‘Mastizaade’ which was stuck for a very long time due our Censor Board which was not clearing the movie for release. The only reason behind it was that the movie had too many bold scenes making it to be banned.

Hate Story 3 Image

At the end after many cuts and deletion the censor board has cleared the film’s release for 4th December and what we have on that day along with this hot film is another big release Hate Story 3. The Hotness of both films if combined will make us question the December cold but with both the films having same feature we are eager to see which one will win the race.

Some Sources say that Sunny Leone is being threatened by the Hotness of Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah. Well it would be interesting for us too see what will happen if we see their Box office clash. Hate story which has already established it’s brand of Boldness will be having an upper hand.



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