OMG! Snapdeal Faces the Heat

Aamir Khan’s recent statement against Intolerance in the country has got everyone enraged even the brands he is endorsing have felt the heat.

Aamir khan

Aamir Khan’s recent statement has made the news because his wife said that maybe we should leave the country and find a better one. They don’t feel safe for their children in this country. The ecom giant of India Snapdeal which faced lot of heat for Aamir’s statement the app has got one star review on play store.

Aamir khan Image

Aamir Khan’s statement made a big fuss on social media were even the brand he is endorsing faced the heat from people where they got trending with #Appwapsi. Some of the people took on app reviews to show off their anger by giving bad rating to the app. The app has so far got 67,741 one star rating from it’s users, it’s pretty difficult for us to ascertain a to how many people would have done that after Aamir’s statement. According to the sources almost 85,000 people have uninstalled the app after the recent furore over Aamir’s statement.

One of the tweet said that : “Dear @snapdeal I would not be buying anymore from you until you remove @aamir_khan as ur brand ambassador…deleting app.”

Aamir Khan earlier had earlier said during an interview that my wife fells scared in the country and said that maybe we should leave the country. We are worried for our Children. The social media after that totally exploded with Aamir becoming the target of trolls and Tweets.


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