5 Things Only banned In India

Our government has illegal lots of things this year, smart or dangerous we have a tendency to don’t understand, however ban has reasonably become a modern factor. Don’t like it? Ban it! thus here’s a listing of the things they illegal this year that we have a tendency to found a little weird. however that’s strictly my opinion. Tell Pine Tree State what you think that within the comments below!

1. Beef Ban

Beef ban Image

The Maharashtra Government has went ahead with this ban and saying cow was more useful for other activities. Maharashtra Animal Preservation (amendment) Act (MAPA), 1995 which was already implemented to ban the slaughter of cows, in Maharashtra now the state government has gone a step further saying that ban on killing of bulls, bullocks and calves too was important.

2. Porn Ban

Porn Image

The central Government in order to ban child porn on Internet came up with a plan to block all 857 websites which were hosting pornographic content.The ban however didn’t last long as the ban had evoked a national outrage. India is a free country and within my privacy I can watch porn. But they banned movies though.

3. Words in Movies

Words in Movies images

The ban of cuss words in movies wasn’t a new thing but when they even did it with 007. They might be kidding right. Now India’s censor board has provided us with number of words which are not to be used in films. Better look at it when you are directing an film.

4. Sex Toys

Sex toy image

The Word sex is banned do you know why because we have population but not the safety to talk about it. Sex toys were banned by the Indian government as they were said to be evoking sexual feeling in children. Thank god they didn’t ban condom ads really.

5. Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies image

This movies where not too adult nor too simple but our Indian sensor board needs a great deal of ridiculous thoughts to ban movies like this. Form American Pie to further going down on the row we can look for more of such example.

We hope to add more Indian Government


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