The Most Famous Controversies Of 2015.

1.Deepika Padukone My Life My Choice

The line “to engage in sexual relations outside marriage…” from the renowned “My Choice” video might sound disdainful to others yet on-screen character Deepika Padukone says she never proposed to advance unfaithfulness in a relationship through the short film. Deepika(29) who at long last ended her quiet about the highly bantered about online video on ladies strengthening, said the bigger significance of the narrative was disregarded. The “Ram Leela” performer conceded she herself did not concur with specific focuses in the Homi Adjania—coordinated film however shot it as she felt the issue of ladies strengthening required.

Deepika Padukon Image

2.Poonam Pandey

Numerous individuals have the hots for starlet Poonam Pandey. Her fit body is the object of envy for some, and her offer of discussions ensure that everyone’s eyes are on her on numerous occasions. With the worldwide Yoga Day right around the bend, pandey excessively chose, making it impossible to treat her fans with a video of herself doing yoga and doing the different stances to keep your body hot and fit.

Poonam Pandey

3.Radhe Maa

So called god lady Radhe Maa’s issues appear not to end sooner rather than later with various genuine affirmations are being leveled against her. The most recent charge has been leveled by a model who affirms that Radhe Maa runs a prostitution racket. The model’s name is Arshi Khan. She asserted that Radhe Maa ran a sex racket. She likewise said that Radhe Maa’s business specialists met her and offered her to join the  racket.

Radhe Maa

4.Slap Conterversy on live TV

Stunning scenes were seen on the national TV on Sunday when two visitors on a live show utilized interjections, slapped and pondered one another, leaving the gathering of people startled and inciting the channel to censure the episode. A so called godman Om Ji of the Hindu Mahasabha and lady crystal gazer Rakhi Bai were seen having sharp trades on television event ‘Aaj Ka Mudda’ on IBN 7.

TV Slap Contraversies


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