Comedy Nights with Kapil: Last Show No Show

Comedy nights with Kapil one of the best comedy shows which was hosted by the man who made his name with the show Kapil Sharma. The Show had come to an end but what seems to be quite an mood of the producers that they don’t even want to watch the show for a another episode. What seems to be a big way or we can say a rather controversial way in which the episode had ended. Kapil had already announced that the show was already to end and will have his final epsiode on January 17.

Kapil Image

Earlier on Sunday, Kapil Sharma took to soicial media site Twitter tweeted and wrote: “I hope ColorsTV will air the last episode of CNWK with Akshay Kumar tonight since its our way to say a gracious thanks to our audience :)”

While fans still sit tight for the last scene to go on air, a video clasp of the last scene has circulated around the web on online networking. In the last scene Airlift performing artist Akshay Kumar is the uncommon visitor.

One can see Sunil Grover, who turned into a commonly recognized name on account of his Guthi demonstration, gets enthusiastic and can’t sing the well known lines ‘aap yes hai iss bagiya mein, phool khile hain gulshan’. Perused: Comedy evenings with Kapil — till the end he’s had a great time, however shouldn’t something be said about you.

Kapil SSharma Image

Sunil who had played a charater of Kapil Sharma’s Father in law in show said that he was thankful to his fans for their immense love they had given over the years. He said that “Thank you all for so much love. I am going to miss this. This is one of the best phase of my life and I enjoyed a lot with them. Thank you so much.”

From Actor Akshay Kumar to Navjot Singh Sidhu and everyone from the audience had their tears rolling from their eyes and were kind of feeling that something good was ending. This is one of the last episode of Kapil Sharma’s Comedy nights with Kapil. Here are some best tweets about the show getting canceled.

Gurpartap @Gurpartap

I don’t believe @ColorsTV they are not airing last episode of CNWK tonight.. So i m gonna boycott CNB tonight Thank You CNWK

Yami @Yami_Buttercup

No last episode of comedy nights with kapil? Colors is less colorful.

NG @Nitin_Gumber

#cnwk ignored Only show i enjoy on colors is “Comedy Nights with Kapil”, “Comedy nights bachao” appears fake n a cheap copy of AIB


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