Kangana Ranaut: The social media Phobia

Bollywood and Social Media controversy has been one part which has got everyone going. From the media industry to the other parts of the time pass we do on the social media just to take a stand. For most of us it is the kind of living that we love to live or it is an kind of life we love to live. But the recent statement by Bollywood actress has been one of the best statements to get.


Bollywood actress and the Queen star Kangana Ranaut says that she is not active on online network because of one reason which she feels that there is an ‘awful trolls and disappointment’ from various individuals, however she feels that one of its focal points is that individuals can utilize the medium to clear up their stands and scatter bits of gossip if needed this will not help you at all.

“I am dormant so I don’t miss it (online networking) yet what I unquestionably see…. Positively a decent aspect regarding such mediums is that you can really elucidate your stand when you are kind of confronting gossipy tidbits and misjudged on this social media site”.


“The awful things is that you are defenseless to a very wide range of awful trolls and disappointed individuals who are simply out to demonstrate their dissatisfaction paying little mind to whosoever it is and you get subjected to that kind of disdain which is cruel,” Kangana offered an explanation to a question why she avoids online networking and what are the masters and cons of arriving as a performing artist.

She likewise added that she needs to avoid negative things in life and this is the motivation behind why she is not dynamic on online networking stages.

As of late Bollywood on-screen character Hrithik Roshan’s tweet stood out as truly newsworthy when he in a roundabout way called attention to at the performer on the smaller scale blogging webpage. “There are more odds of me having had an illicit relationship with d Pope and any of d (Im beyond any doubt brilliant) ladies d media his name being involved. Much appreciated yet forget about it,” he had posted.

This things have been an great news on the social media site where we see them and this might go the social media site which might run all around the social media news. This will also make them a great for the news too.



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