Most awkward Co star’s in Hollywood

Would ever Kiss an person who is working with you or you have already done that. It seems that like a totally no matter where you work or who happens to be your co worker. While you might circumvent putting on a show to like them (or endure them), where it counts nobody is contorting your arm or paying you a large number of dollars to imagine that you outrageously like them. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where you got paid to claim to like somebody.

Have you ever imagined what are Hollywood stars would be doing just to pretend that they like each other or they have an hot chemistry together. The chemistry between them will be an important aspect just to check out and get paid for the movie.

1. Dakota Johnson with Jamie Dorman

We can’t agree to the fact that grey was a bit too grey for the couple. After numerous news that the co stars could barely get along on sets. This will make an totally new series of hate between them. The growing tension between the star had got even the director worried and it was an no surprise that which said that film’s romantic scenes came off where we found them as awkward and cold.

Dakota Johnson with Jamie Dorman Image

2. Jennifer Lawrence along with Bradley Cooper

One of the biggest name in the Hollywood today Jennifer Lawrence who has had an fair share of problem with chemistry and hasn’t seen much getting along with other stars. Her co stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth both said that that Lawrence was quite an “slobbery” kisser and that she will even had an bad breath. According to her co stars Hemsworth, made kissing her “gross.” Well apart from this she was joking off course and we can’t blame them.

Jennifer Lawrence along with Bradley Cooper image

3. James McAvoy with Angelina Jolie

The first film which was based on a comic series of our list, Wanted was the biggest action thriller of 2008. The movie was starring Scotland’s James McAvoy and Hollywood’s most prominent lady, Angelina Jolie. The Cast as an awkward fish-out-of-water character. The main part or we can say the thrust into a world of assassins and their pretty played tricks which made them a big hit. McAvoy’s character the only part that concerned him was kissing Jolie the scene had to be proved to be far more awkward than he had imagined which made an awkward sequence.

James McAvoy with Angelina Jolie image


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