Facebook Celebrates Friends Day With unique Video

Facebook the way it connected the people all around the world and now they even brought them quite close making it one of the biggest social media site of the world. The table which bring all the citizen of the world closer. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbery who has made the all news for his recent friendship day celebration on 4th February which also happens to be the day when the facebook was also founded. The 4th Fed happened to be an day when the facebook will give you an all out service of Facebook friends day which will make them and an amazing day for them. It also happens to be quite an unique way and day to celebrate friendship on Facebook.

Friends DayFacebook which happens to be an poping message to everyone where we are able to see an message something like that: “We’re celebrating friendship on Facebook’s 12th birthday, so we made you this video about you and your friends.”

Or sometime even one of this : “We’re celebrating friendship on Facebook’s 12th birthday. But we’re not quite ready – please check back later!”

When midnight has passed all around the globe, every one of the 1.5 billion clients will probably have the capacity to make their companionship recordings. At the point when Zuckerberg expanded the first welcome for clients to observe Friends Day, he urged them to additionally share stories about how one minute including one or a greater amount of their companions changed their lives until the end of time. More than 17,000 remarks were posted on Zuckerberg’s unique Friends Day post, so this is certain to be a prevalent element. Facebook has as of now made the video for you, however you can alter it or offer it on your course of events as may be.

Friends Day

If you want to make your own Facebook friends video and we will click on this link which will just share the video on.

1. Use this url https://www.facebook.com/friendsday
2. If you have an idea that the video is good, click Share which will immediately post it on your timeline.
3. You can even have it in you own way and edit according to your way.

Everything at Facebook is by all accounts developing, as per Mark Zuckerberg’s Q4 income call remarks. Facebook now sees 100 million hours of day by day video watch time.

There are 1 billion month to month clients now clients on Groups, up from 925 million at the end of Q3. 80 million individuals utilize Facebook’s stripped down application Facebook Lite for the adding to world’s moderate associations, up from 50 million toward the end of Q3. 500 million clients are on Events, up from 450 million in July, and they made 123 million occasions in 2015.


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