Controversial Film ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’ Will Release On March 11

An upcoming film called Darling Don’t Cheat, created and coordinated by debutant Rajkumar Hindusthani, might simply have the tackiest, most howlarious trailer of any film you’ve seen for the current year.

Bollywood film Darling Don’t Cheat, which was entangled in controversy for its bold scenes, is currently preparing for its release on March 11 in India.

Director Rajkumar Hindusthani who guaranteed the substance was on the lines of motion pictures, for example, Insaf Ka Tarazu, Bandit Queen and Fire, said that their promotional strategy for the film was going on extremely solid and that they were so charged up about their before release date of October 30. Be that as it may, the issues with the censors made their arrangements go haywire.

Don't Cheat Image

The previous couple of months have been brimming with intense exchanges with their groups so that their film is shown in the most ideal path and at the correct time as indicated by what they need to show and not what the censors need them to show.

Presently, they are turning out in March as they feel the buzz that they had made was washed away and they’ll require over a month to regenerate it. He likewise added that they would prefer not to disillusion every one of the general population who had enlisted for the bare outing contest as the contest is all that much on.

The film’s trailer had made noteworthy buzz because of racy, injurious and violent scenes. The makers needed to face a few hurdles with the censor board, who proposed various cuts and beeps notwithstanding for the trailer, slowing down its television screening.

This sent their promotional strategy for a toss and in the wake of adjusting their techniques and pondering with censors, the film is presently discharging after over four months of its initial release date.

Don't Cheat Image

The film featuring Ram Gaurav Pandey, Ashish Tyagi and Neha Chaterji is likewise directed by Hindusthani under the banner Fyeo Media Works.

Disputable thriller drama “Darling Don’t Cheat” is testing and breaking the traditional mold as well as even the artistes are all outfitted to bring audience with their provocative and grasping symbols, says debutante actress Neha Chatterjee.

The film is a suspense thriller against the setting of a mean man confining so as to brutalize a group of young ladies and requesting that they strip. Neha plays an ambitious actress why should prepared go to any lengths to make progress and fame.


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