5 Actress who Look better without Makeup

When the world is functioning all around the beauty the over objectified glamour and shimmer; where actors have to use the real defense of photoshop to have completely a different picture of themselves on camera. In the end what they are looking are nothing less than flawless and perfect. But we have some who are naturally the beauty queen, there are some stars who need no heed of a makeup just to look gorgeous. The main fact is that, this beauty can give an run for their money to have a better looking face than makeup-painted face. They can surely given an run for their money even with their plain and with just wearing an pyjama-clad look. Have a look at who these beautiful faces are.


1. Aditi Hydari Rao

Rosy lips and fully an flawless skin and with an total innocent eyes. Aditi will be rocking the no-makeup look effortlessly. She is the one who has totally affected the Bollywood with her natural beauty and we can guess we got give her marks for that.

Chitrangada Singh

2. Chitrangada Singh

The girl is having an Sharp features with her elegant style and her beautiful olive complexion will never leave Chitrangada. This is the reason we can see her as the real queen even after becoming an mom. She is really looking to make an impact and we even see her in the recent movies, which look to totally rock with her photos.


3. Aishwarya Rai

Former miss World she has been one who has even done quite well even after becoming an big mom. She has carried her beauty with all her elegance and we can agree that we are going to see her in many more movies which will be again coming to grace her acting and beauty.

Vidya balan

4. Vidya Balan

A proud married lady she has been the one girl who has made her the new acting queen this even looks amazing with her beauty even without make up. We even can agree to the fact that we can see anything and anywhere and girl is really one of those who has made the lady with real metal. We are proud of her.


5. Deeipka Padukone

The girl started with SRK but we never get to see her in the real queen. She has been the one who has made us proud with her skills and we can agree to that fact.


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