Pooja Bhatt: Planning for Jism 3

Performing artist and now an producer Pooja Bhatt is now all set to bring on the third part of the most erotic thriller , “Jism” the first two film did grab everyones attention with Bipasha Basu in the first and Sunny Leone in the second we surely did get the hot level up. Pooja says the film, titled “Jism 3”, will be the “boldest” in the Bollywood and will be bringing the highlight three men and one woman in the movie which will be an certain something.

pooja bhatt

“I will begin taking a shot at ‘Jism 3’ this year and the film will discharge at some point in 2017. It must be the boldest movie yet. I have chosen to totally shake up things this time,” Pooja told the news channels.

The 2003 film “Jism” featured Bipasha Basu and John Abraham, the last making his presentation in Bollywood it was one of the biggest hots of that time. The sequel, released in 2013, had introduced one of grown-up star Sunny Leone in the Hindi film industry the career then certainly directly took off. When inquired as to whether she will be dispatching newcomers in the film, Pooja said, “I don’t have the foggiest idea, let the theories start.”

pooja bhatt

Despite the fact that she wants to make “Jism 3” the boldest in the franchise, the performing artist, who has coordinated movies like “Paap” and “Holiday”, is not stressed over the censor board. “I have no issues with them. In the event that I don’t concur with something they are requesting, I battle. “Jism” had one cut, excess measure of strength was conditioned down in the continuation, my other film “Sadak” confronted issues and “Zakhm” was banned. So this talk of movie producers not having flexibility of expression is not new, it has been occurring.”

Pooja said when she was managing a profanity case for her film “Rog”, nobody turned out in backing of her. “I battled my fight for the “Rog” vulgarity case alone for 8 years. Not one individual from the business turned out in support. So now manage the issues. It’s too simple to join the group and throw stones.”

Well we can understand that the censor board does need to provide certain factor which will help out the people to understand the adult theory and we need to make it that way. We hope Pooja Bhatt does make an big impact when it comes to censor board.


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