5 Most Erotic scenes in Bollywood Movies

Every person we have a numerous reason which can help out the Bollywood which has been one of the most fascinating thing is to make the love look real on the screen. . Actors from the B town of India such as Amitabh Bachchan and all the Khans have earned millions of fans and even the larger the flung nations across the globe. The movie all the area which is having an extravagance and the widely choreographed songs and the over budget sets. The movies are also know for some of the most highly sensual scenes. It is one of the most bold and explicit movie scenes which has more sensuality and erotica.

1. Jism 2

Jism Image

Bhatt camp invented ‘Jism’ franchise, Which conisisted of one of the hottest movie scene in Bollywood. The first one which had Bipasha Basu who raised the hotness and after that we had hot star Sunny Leone in the movie looking to make gains. The Bhatt camp is now also planning to make the third part of the movie.

2. Ragini MMS 2

Ragini Image

The spin-off of the 2011 runaway hit ‘Ragini MMS’, which was known for its terrifying ghastliness scenes, earned the acknowledgment of being Bollywood’s own special delicate porn flick. Once more, the hair-raising Sunny Leone stole the show with her capacity to perform hot scenes easily.

3. Aksar

Aksar Image
Emraan Hashmi oversaw another film industry accomplishment with ‘Aksar’, in the wake of being a part of the hit shabby flicks “Murder” and ‘Zeher’. The close scenes in the middle of him and co-star Udita Goswami was one of the prime reasons why the motion picture pulled in the young towards the lobbies screening the flick.

4. Kurbaan

Kurbaan Image
They were dating at that time. Saif and Kareena the real life couple were seen getting cozy in this 2009 movie, it dealt with one of the most sensitive topic of terrorism on foreign land.

In the movie we saw Avantika, who is an playing the role of professor, played by Kareena falls in love with Ehsaan, which is played by Saif Ali Khan. The love scenes between them gives an clear idea between the love intensity between them. The movie didn’t get any positive reviews but gave fire to lot of controversy.

5. Sins


The movie was initially banned then unbanned but failed to make an mark. The love scenes did make it top choice on youtube.


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