4 Biggest Celebrity Tantrums

The world has been recently looking for the celebrity who can really be rude and have an on demand worry of the things. This celebrity have totally got in to the groove to make people understand that one of the best thing when it comes to having an selebrity status is too look for the were you can show your self grooving. This totally makes sense as why we have an celebrity status to this people. Some of this celebrity have totally got an groove when it comes to being totally angry and this makes us want more of her. Here are the celebrity who have made the total news because of all the wrong reasons.

1. Mariah Carey

This here looks were reports about how she needs two makers to help her with taking a seat on a couch to keep wrinkles out of her dress, and that a collaborator needs to walk in reverse before her in the event that she falls or trips. We are looking at something we need to see it.

Mariah Carey image

2. Justin Bieber

For the star it deteriorated. The Bieb’s begun turning into a little diva to the detriment of the blameless individuals around him. For his nineteenth birthday, he purportedly asked a family who were part of the way through their supper to move tables since he needed his security to sit closer to him. Well this was rude you can’t blame the family and they were totally harmless. However the little diva then had to move out of the restaurant.

Justin Bieber image

3. Victoria Beckham

Regardless of the fact that the Spice Girls are no more together, Victoria Beckham is still entirely unmistakable in the style world. Hacked new organic product – cut pineapple with ground lime peel, green seedless grapes, red grapes (solidified), cut-up pear with lemon juice, apples, peeled pink grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries ETC and it just goes on totally.

 Victoria Beckham image

4. Rihanna

Well, how would you react I don’t know how to respond about the news reports with respect to Rihanna’s “bad dream” behavior . She has a great feat for sending her staff to run crazy errands. Rihanna once declined to go in front of an audience until she got a carne asada while she was in Sweden—then continued to have a tantrum since it brought a hour to find and was at that point chilly when it got to her.

Rihanna image


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