The latest Tweets on #ALDUBTheQuestion

The people have now an common question are we going on the write track the new hash tag that has surfaced in the recent terms #ALDUB question where we see an total question, till what time will the total fun last and what are we going to see in the future from the couple. Alden Richards and Yaya Dub with an proper name Maine Mendoza have been really on the rise with one of the best couples on the planet. With both the resident of Philippines we are totally going to get over the water. So the recent question was when asked to the cute actor Alden he replied saying that, he doesn’t know till what time will the crazy fan following will be lasting but currently he will enjoy that. One day the bubble will be busting and it depends as to when it would happen. We have to guess till when the all fan’s can bear with love.


A 30-moment to 1-hour cleanser musical show spoof entitled Kalyeserye (lit. “road arrangement”) was made inside of the “Juan for All, All for Juan”s section for the coupled, highlighting live improve acting from the AlDub super couple and its extra characters–Filipino humorists Wally Bayola which also includes Lola Nidora, once in a while Duhrizz, Rihanna, and Doktora the Explorer, Jose Manalo (Lola Tinidora, and now and then Frankie), and Paolo Ballesteros (Lola Tidora, and here and there, Lola Isadora) as different characters. The portion turned out to be an accomplishment in both show TV and online networking, bringing about a noteworthy increment of viewership and notoriety of Eat Bulaga!. Furthermore, it has likewise added to the vocations of Richards and Mendoza. Well then we can guess till where we saw all the great heights of the show and the love they got.

ALDUBl Rechard

It depends till when this all can go on. From 3.5 million tweets in 24 hours, the AlDub Twitter taking after developed exponentially. This was kind of multiple love it multiplied to 6 million or more on September 5, 2015, multiplying further to 12 million on September 19, 2015 and On September 26, 2015, they have achieved the most noteworthy tweets in Twitter for #ALDubEBforLOVE with 25.6 million tweets in only a day, breaking their own record of 12.1 million tweets inside of 24 hours for #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate on September 19. The tag was an total hit for the show creating more buzz.



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