Army : Loss of Experienced Soldiers hurt

The Army lost three of its finest soldiers which includes two youthful officers and a jawan from the Para Special Forces. The deadliest fidayeen assault in the Srinagar region in numerous years. It was not a secluded episode, but rather part of an exasperating pattern of the Army losing some of its finest fighters as the Kashmir roughness erupts once more.

Indian Army

We can’t deny the activity when we see it. While insights might shroud quite a bit of it, actually the Army has lost a hefty portion of its most experienced counter-rebellion agents as of late as a result of a large group of performing artists, including the arrival of fidayeen assaults. Among the conceivable reasons being examined in insight circles is the part of questionable sources planting incorrectly data on Army units working in the Valley.

In the assault on the Entrepreneurship Development Institute grounds, Captain Pawan Kumar, 23, of 10 Para, was killed while driving his men into the expanding on Saturday. Capitan Tushar Mahajan, 26, and Lance Naik Om Prakash, 32, of Special Force unit 9 Para, were killed on Sunday. All the three were para commandos, and their passing was chilling catching the basic pretended by these select brigades in battling militancy in the Valley. But what worries the Army sources have been the way the Army has been losing its finest officers and fighters as of late in the Valley.

A three-day gunbattle in the area of Kashmir finished on Monday when Indian security strengths killed two more aggressors who raged an administration building, a senior police official said. The terrorists where holed in the five-story building on Saturday, killing six individuals in the gunbattle that took after.

Indian Soldier

“The operation is over. Each of the three terrorists have been murdered,” Deputy Inspector General of Police Ghulam Hassan Bhat said. One activist was killed on Sunday. Muslim separatists have been battling Indian strengths in the Indian part of Kashmir since 1989. India blames Pakistan for preparing and furnishing the agitators in the part it controls and sending them to the Indian side, a case its neighbor denies.

“This is one of the longest operation in the Kashmir Valley in late memory,” said an armed force officer, who requested that not be named. “This is on account of the building is huge and we have endured setbacks.” We are looking at time when we need better measures in Kashmir to tackle the insurgency of terrorists.


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