Shocking Video of girl on Bus.

Sri Lanka associate lovely Island that appearance over something as associate heaven of god. A little midland that has two-faced the autocratic war has resulted in death of a lot of individuals.

Here we’ve got associate video of lady World Health Organization is traveling in bus, the bus is claimed to be routed towards urban center a little town in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. we tend to also are searching for several changes within the conveyance for several countries in Asia that face state of affairs of woman harassment. Have a glance at the video and close to the waist region of that woman, you may see it.

When we see this video we would never understand the fact that this bus travelers are always crammed in for place and they do will require some opportunity to get some standing space. The Island has been facing some very serous issues regarding the public transport.


With poor rail connectivity, the only way of transportation is by road which are always heavily crowded. We are also looking at the fact when we see the Public buses they look pretty decent and they have small space for standing. We are also seeing the conditions of the road and the traffic on them which doesn’t help anybody.

What seems really disturbing that the government steps seem to be inadequate which looks quite a news for us. We are also looking at something quite different when we look at this type of situation.



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