4 Most Noisy Controversy of all Times

When it comes to public display of affection Indian Society has never been OK with it. Sometimes though the things can get a real messy with all the protest and controversy. Here are some of the most noisy controversy of all times.

1. Biswajeet hot kiss with Rekha


Rekha was supposed to be have appeared in a film called Anjana Safar where she imparted a close lip lock to co-performing artist Biswajeet. It made a colossal buzz however the film was stuck for around 10 years in light of the debate. It was then discharged as Do Shikhari less the involved scene. It’s said that when Biswajeet kissed Rekha for the shot, she swooned on the sets! Clearly the executive neglected to call “cut” and the kiss continued for a long while.

2. Padmini Kolahpure’s attempting to be kissing Prince Charles

Padmini Kolhapure

IN 1980, PRINCE CHARLES went to India amid which he went by a studio where a film was being shot. At the time, Prince Charles was youthful, single and exceptionally well known. Amid his visit, an energetic Padmini Kolhapure (who was only 16 years of age), broke the security cordon and figured out how to give him a peck on the cheek. The occurrence sent shockwaves as individuals felt it was deceptive for a lady and a yearning performer at that, to have made such a striking stride particularly towards British sovereignty. Poor Padmini was hammered for “conflicting with Indian society”!

3. Shabana Azmi kissing Nelson Mandela

Shabana Azmi

At the point when Nelson Mandela went to India in 1993, he was gotten in a startling contention. Shabana Azmi met the previous President of South Africa at a get-together and kissed him on his cheek, welcoming the rage of the Muslim group. Shabana Azmi may have never envisioned that her little stretch would arrive her into enormous inconvenience. She confronted the fierceness of the Muslim group who raised a major protest to her demonstration. A buss on the cheek was all the rage as India’s preservationist Hindu and Muslim society disapproves of kissing out in the open.

4. Arunoday Singh kissing Students

Arunoday Singh

The cast of the film Yeh Saali Zindagi needed to confront a disturbed and irate group at the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication (SIMC) amid its yearly celebration Madhyam after the film’s driving on-screen character Arunoday Singh kissed a young lady understudy who strolled on to the stage as an “extemporaneous” dare.

Inside of a few moments, a young lady strolled on to the stage and Arunoday did as he had said. The two were purportedly lip-bolted for 15-20 seconds. Taking after this, the merry temperament all of a sudden worsened into one of shock, as both understudy volunteers and school powers were irritated by people in general presentation of warmth and got into a contention with the media group of the film


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