Dan Bilzerian Wins another bet of Rs 4 Crore

Dan Bilzerian just continues killing the haters, a great many bets. We let you know the lord of Instagram had made a wild wagered with his companion and was preparing for it. Just on the off chance that you can’t review, according to the wager, Bilzerian needed to cycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas inside 48 hours, the separation being around 270 miles or 434 kms. Well the greatness begins from where the impossible word begans.

Prop wagers and poker players go as an inseparable unit, and as of late both Dan Bilzerian and Samantha Abernathy finished some really gigantic ones. Both wagers included riding a bike from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, a trek of more than 300 miles.

Bilzerian took off on a bike from Las Vegas on Tuesday, March 29, soon after 3:30 p.m. PT. Under 33 hours after the fact, he had touched base in Los Angeles. His wager was supposedly worth $600,000 against Bill Perkins.

Bilzerian was additionally said to have a major wagered against Rick Salomon. Taking after the consummation of the ride, the wagers included have now gone to intervention, as per Perkins. Perkins informed PokerNews that Bilzerian is guaranteed against an unfavorable decision in both discretions.

dan bilzerian

The accompanying video is from the begin of Bilzerian’s ride, including visual of the Nevada police escort and stopping of activity on Las Vegas Blvd. for a few minutes while Bilzerian got up to speed.

The terms of the wager were such that Bilzerian must finish the ride in 48 hours or less and that he had until the end of March 31, 2016. If Bilzerian somehow happened to get captured along the way, the wager would be viewed as a wash. If Bilzerian somehow happened to get pulled over and deferred, time would be added to the clock. There could be no engine or help added to the bicycle.

As per Perkins, different posts on online networking, and the site devoted to Bilzerian’s wagered, 48hourbet.com, Bilzerian had five weeks to prepare and had the assistance of none other than Lance Armstrong. At the point when the day came, Bilzerian was very much arranged with a guard that would go with him, a police escort for the Nevada part of the ride, and a few unique bicycles he would use at various segments of the trek. We can’t just get enough of this man looking to make an impact.

dan bilzerian


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