Amyra Dastur: Looks gorgeous in her Bikini

On-screen character Amyra Dastur, who is as of now shooting in Jodhpur for her up and coming film Kung Fu Yoga Chinese actor star Jackie Chan, says that she was exceptionally excited about conveying the on-screen character to Delhi. “I cherish Delhi. I was attempting to persuade them to shoot there. I was similar to, ‘However we ought to shoot in Delhi. They have such a large number of landmarks there.’ But they continued saying no,” she says.


Amyra offers that Jackie, who has likewise shot in Jaipur, cherishes India. “He is partial to the nation. Obviously, he is bubbling in the warmth here. It’s trying to shoot in Iceland and afterward arrive in India, in this climate. We shot in City Palace, I demonstrated to him around the spot. He can’t venture out an excessive amount of on the grounds that he is such a major star and there are security issues as well,” she says.

The on-screen character, who made her introduction with the Issaq (2013) nearby on-screen character Prateik Babbar, says that she is having a fabulous time shooting for the film. “It is insane. I am adapting such a variety of things here. Activity has turned out to be so natural for me now. Likewise, shooting for the film is an awesome workout and I have turned into a specialist close by to-hand battle. It’s all as a result of my chief Stanley Tong,” she says.

Amyra says that performing activity scenes at first was testing. “I was anxious at first. In one of my scenes, I had links, yet they were not there to lift me and I needed to do a large portion of the work. I got a couple knocks and wounds, which I keep on getting even now, yet I take a gander at them as triumph imprints,” she says

You’re everywhere throughout the news nowadays on account of the up and coming Kung Fu Yoga with Jackie Chan. What has the experience been similar to?

Amyra Dastur

“I play a fun, athletic young lady and have a significant number of battle successions with Jackie Chan and Sonu Sood. The first occasion when I met Jackie was in Beijing on December 31. He presented to me a coat and heaps of desserts. Evidently, he had discovered that I was confronting my first genuine winter and that I just ate sweet things on set. Jackie is truly warm, kind and rational. At the point when not playing tricks on the set, he is playing football in the middle of shots. The Chinese team is to a great degree conscious and fast. There is no yelling on sets. The moment they are finished with a shot, they are prepared for the following. Disregard being on time, they are early.


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