Do you want to kiss a police woman?

Rock-paper-scissors is a zero-sum hand game usually performed between a couple, in which each gamer at al together forms one of three types with an outstretched side. These forms are “rock” (a normal fist), “paper” (a normal palm), and “scissors” (a fists with the indez and middle fingerts together forming a V). The activity has only three possible results other than a tie: a gamer who chooses to perform rock will defeat another gamer who has selected scissors (“rock mashes scissors”) but will forfeit to one who has performed document (“paper includes rock”); a perform of document will forfeit to a perform of scissers (“scissors cut paper”). If both gamers toss the same form, the activity is linked and is usually instantly replayed to get rid of the tie. Other titles for the activity in the English-speaking globe consist of roshambo and other orderings of the three products, sometimes with “rock” being known as “stone”

The gamers usually depend count to 3, or talk the name of the activity (e.g. “Rock Paper Scissors!” or “Ro Charade Bo!”), everytime either increasing one side in a fists and moving it down on the count or having it behind. On the 4th count (saying, “Shoot!” or “Sho!”), gamers modify their fingers into one of three actions, which they then “throw” by increasing it towards their challenger. Modifications consist of an edition where gamers use only three matters before tossing their action (thus tossing on the count of “Scissors!” or “Bo!”), or an edition where they shake their fingers three counts before “throwing.”

Kissing Prank

So here in this video we would see about the kissing prank and here a super dude boy is going to kiss a police woman if she fails in the game rock paper scissors and here the boldness of the guy is clearly seen and look at the way he approaches the woman even though she is a cop even she has feelings and even she can be seduced that is what to be learnt from this video and as he approaches he appreciates the girl about her beauty saying that she is very gorgeous and invites her to play the game and as she loses they both smooch each other giving a lip lock and the most funny part is in the last police woman kiss where another police man sees the scene and repeatedly shouts at the police woman to get into the car but the police woman is very much intimate in providing a lip lock to the lucky guy.



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