Nickelodeon To Cancel Sam & Cat’s Production Over Leaked Selfie!?

“Sam and Cat” is obviously a mainstream show on Nickelodeon featuring Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy. However, tweens will be frustrated to learn (we figure?) that the show’s future is in a touchy situation and hasn’t been restored for a brief moment season, professedly on the grounds that the network is pissed that some sexy selfies the 21-year-old McCurdy took leaked online a month ago. The photos, incorporating one in which McCurdy is on all fours wearing a thong, leaked online days after McCurdy ridiculed ex Andre Drummond’s kissing capacities on a podcast. McCurdy tweeted that she had sent the photos to one individual (i.e. Drummond) however Drummond denies posting them online.

Sam and Cat

Nickelodeon, in the interim, insists that the photos did not bring about any rift between the network and McCurdy, but something must have, in light of the fact that McCurdy skipped this current weekend’s Kids Choice Awards.

She uncovered that the weights that were set on her as a female high schooler star is the thing that took a toll on her kid star vocation. McCurdy’s first real association with Paul Glaser (who she met while on the arrangement of “iCarly” and is 13 years more seasoned than her) got criticism online. She said that she took offense to the inconsiderate remarks about her relationship that were posted on online networking and disdained that her adoration life was presently in plain view on account of her star status.

She likewise talked about another life occasion that deeply affected her vocation. McCurdy’s mom Debra passed away in September of 2013 while she was on set shooting “Sam and Cat.” Instead of taking an ideal opportunity to grieve, McCurdy said she returned to work six days after her mom’s death.

Sam and Cat

Be that as it may, c’mon. I’m certain the photos have something to do with the show’s looming cancelation. Nickelodeon, similar to Disney, appears to not quite know how to handle it when one of their stars begins to express themselves sexually in a way that hasn’t been pre-affirmed. We are speculating that there were at that point issues — in the middle of McCurdy and Grande, and McCurdy and the network — and after that these photos pushed things over the edge. Eh, we are certain McCurdy will arrive on her feet fine and dandy. Be that as it may, for her sake, we trust whenever she sends a sexy selfie to a sweetheart, she has the good sense to crop her face out.


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