Poonam Pandey Raises The Temperature In This Scorching Heat!!

It would appear that ‘Queen of Seduction’ Poonam Pandey has chosen to bring the temperature up in this singing summer! CRB Tech unearthed the web sensation, who as of late posted some super seductive pics from her Twitter handle.

In one of the photograph Ms Pandey is tasting a water bottle, she is sitting in her bed wearing a free shirt and a minor thong!

She inscribed the pic: I’m so Thirsty..I could drink an entire container of water!!


We are certain her fans must be needing for additional in the wake of seeing this pic and Poonam didn’t frustrate them as she posted another long shot selfie in a hot white swimsuit showing her assets in full show!

After her ‘strip-blessing’ to the Men in Blue after their 1-run win over Bangladesh, the 25-year-old web sensation took to social micro-blogging website Twitter, posting photographs of herself displaying her benefits somewhat more than our imagination.

While her first photograph was committed to Team India, the second was saved solely for man-of-the-match Kohli. Look at Poonam’s provocative salute to the draining blue group.

Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey’s fixation on her body appears to develop step by step. It would appear that the temptress is back in her selfie mode! The model who is known for transferring suggestive and hot pics on her social media on Sunday left her fans and supporters jaw-dropped by sharing some super hot pics that were clicked in her lavatory.

Poonam teased her fans by posting devious inscriptions with the photos. In one of the pic Madam Pandey is seen unfastening her bra she subtitled the pic : Dammm!!!! This is the most troublesome Job on the planet. Fans overwhelmed social media discussing Poonam and her selfies. What’s more, Sunday was undoubtedly Funday for all Poonam lovers. The dim excellence even shared a room selfie on Monday, wishing her fans ‘Hello’

Discussion and this model actress appear to go as an inseparable unit. The model has arrived in a contention again in light of the allegation of a co-model who says she is being badgering by a senior police official at Poonam’s instigation. Be that as it may, Poonam appears undaunted by it!


Poonam Pandey is known for posting appealing and bold selfies on Twitter, the diva is preparing for her next flick which will be a horror one! In any case, starting now her fans are enjoying her seductive pics!

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